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Everyman Mission Statement

posted Sep 23, 2011 08:51:01 by DaveAspden
There is lots of stuff online about creating mission statements (not surprisingly most of it American).
I notice the Nation has one -

Personally I am thinking "professional standard theatre" should be in there - perhaps also something about the Festival...
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ltodd said Sep 28, 2011 08:35:47
Here are the mission statements for other organisations within Cardiff:

* Wales Millennium Centre- aims to bring the best of the world to Wales and to showcase the best of Wales to the World.

To create, in a millennium landmark building, a focal point for the culture, identity and talents of Wales, and to provide a world class showcase for musicals, opera, dance, entertainment, education and exhibitions with long lasting benefits for the whole community.

* Sherman Cymru: To make and present great theatre that is ambitious, inventive and memorable for our audiences, and to create strong, responsive and enriching relationships with our communities.

- Ensuring a commitment to quality and excellence pervades all aspects of our work
- To lead and champion theatre in Cardiff and Wales
- To discover and reach new audiences
- New work by Welsh and Wales-based writers
- To strengthen and consolidate our capacity to work in both Welsh and English
- To provide a resource that nurtures and develops writers, new theatre practitioners and their work
- Touring, co-production and international collaboration
- Young people, as both audience and participants
- Projects that engage with, and are relevant to, the lives young people lead
- Opportunities that enable the best of what we do to have wider impact and influence

Communications Officer
Everyman Theatre, Cardiff
Peter said Nov 19, 2011 19:24:44
Aims and Objects of the Cardiff Unity Theatre Group

"To foster and further the art of drama in accordance with the principle that true art, by effectively presenting and truthfully interpreting life as experienced by the majority of the people, can move the people to work for the betterment of society."

ltodd said Nov 20, 2011 18:48:48
I like that one :)

Communications Officer
Everyman Theatre, Cardiff
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